Marci will make every Kansas dollar work for Kansans.

Treasury Management

As Kansas State Treasurer, Marci will ensure all Kansas taxpayer funds are properly accounted for, effectively invested, and adequately protected. She will review cash management structures and, where necessary and possible, streamline procedures to ensure proper levels of liquidity. Marci will ensure every Kansas dollar is effectively invested to increase taxpayer returns.

Security and Technology

The sophistication and frequency of cyber-attacks makes it more important than ever that the Kansas Treasury implement strict safeguards to secure State funds. Marci will ensure protocols are in place to detect both internal and external occurrences of fraud and that connectivity between State and external partners are secure at all times.

Financial Literacy

Personal financial literacy is vital to every Kansan’s success. Marci will advocate for educational opportunities suited to learners of all ages. She will work with community leaders statewide to promote programs that teach healthy financial habits including budgeting, saving & investing fundamentals, the stock market, and preparing for retirement.  As Treasurer, Marci will continue to leverage social and traditional media to connect with people statewide to help all Kansans financially prepare for their futures.

Tax-Advantaged Savings Plans

Kansas’ Learning Quest and ABLE savings programs should provide opportunities for Kansans to save for higher education and help meet expenses for those with disabilities. As Trustee of these programs, Marci will work to increase performance ratings and consider other alternatives to make these investments available to all Kansas children. She will work statewide with educational organizations, financial advisors, centers for independent living and other community groups to increase plan participation rates.

Unclaimed Property

Every year Kansas businesses submit funds from bank accounts, checks, wages, stocks, dividends, refunds and other financial properties that have been abandoned. Marci will leverage all the tools at her disposal – including social and traditional media – to ensure such funds are returned to Kansans.

Transparency and Legislative Collaboration

Senator Francisco knows how important it is for legislators to have an accurate picture of the state’s financial health. Similarly, she understands that voters cannot make informed decisions about who is best suited to manage our government if they are unable to see how legislative decisions affect State funds. To address this, Marci will ensure accurate and timely reports are provided to help with the creation of effective legislation. Moreover, she will create an easy-to-read financial dashboard allowing all Kansans to follow the State’s financial progress.

Marci will make every Kansas dollar work for Kansans.

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